Hair Care Tips

When styling your hair

Prior, to installing the hair it is recommended to seal the weft also known as the track of the hair with a weft sealer such as NO Fray and allow it to dry to prevent shedding.

Remind your stylist is the best not to cut the weft when installing and to also to use a looping sewing technique instead of penetrating the weft.

Do not overuse products on the hair. Too much product will create a build up on the hair and will cause the hair to become weighed down. If hair becomes weighed then condition and shampoo with sulfate-free products. Make sure hair is properly de-tangled before washing.

The hair can be colored, ombre or permed. We recommend anti-frizz serum be used after the hair is colored and washed.We suggest you color your hair BEFORE you install it if you’re not comfortable with bleaching.

Virgin hair can be brushed, blow-dried, curled and styled in any way you like but use a heat protectant prior to heat styling.

For curly hair, be sure to brush the hair gently always from the bottom to the top daily and apply a leave-in conditioner as well as a curl activator to the hair so it is soft and moist and does not frizz. We recommend leave in conditioner and daily use of serums. If you do not apply a leave in curl conditioner or serum the hair will start to frizz and become dry.

When washing your hair

After exercising or swimming

Recommended Products

Shampoos and conditioners

Serums and Anti-Frizz Products

Weft Sealer